Member Profiles

  • Yusuke Amano

    CEO and Partner

    Yusuke Amano joined GREE, Inc. in 2009 serving as SVP of Corporate, a role in which he oversaw accounting management and other key corporate functions, before shifting to the role of SVP of Business Development and most recently SVP of APAC Business Operations. Yusuke has led multiple investment deals at GREE and in November 2011 supervised the establishment of GREE’s offices in South Korea, Singapore, and China, serving as CEO of those three subsidiaries until 2013. Yusuke assumed the role of CEO of GREE Ventures, Inc. upon its incorporation in December 2011. Prior to joining GREE, Yusuke worked at JP Morgan's spin-off private equity firm CCMP Capital Asia, LLC (now Unitas Capital Pte., Ltd.). Earlier in his career, he was an investment banker at Deutsche Securities, Limited (now Deutsche Securities, Inc.) and Lehman Brothers, where he was engaged in M&A and fundraising activities.

  • Tatsuo Tsutsumi


    Tatsuo Tsutsumi joined GREE, Inc. in August 2011 and led the establishment of GREE Ventures, Inc. and the formation of its ¥20 billion fund. Prior to joining GREE, Tatsuo worked at Recruit Co., Ltd., where he directed new business development, overseeing the establishment and operation of a social media marketing subsidiary and developing business development strategies in areas such as e-commerce, digital content and ad technology. Tatsuo set up Recruit’s Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Recruit Strategic Partners, Inc., spearheading efforts to form partnerships with U.S. firms, while also managing Recruit's ¥20 billion incubator, Recruit Incubation Partners Co., Ltd. Previously in his career, Tatsuo oversaw the establishment of CyberAgent’s Venture Capital arm, CA Capital, Ltd. (now CyberAgent Ventures, Inc.) raising a total of ¥50 billion through the two funds he managed for that business, which he led to profitability.

  • Naoki Aoyagi


    Naoki Aoyagi is a Senior Vice President at GREE, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of GREE International, Inc. He joined GREE, Inc. in March 2006 from Deutsche Bank, where he had specialized in tech and media sector IPOs and M&A advisory work. At GREE, Aoyagi oversaw the Company's partnership with KDDI and its IPO before leading the development of GREE’s global operations, a role he continues today. Aoyagi earned a bachelor's degree in policy management from Keio University in 2002.

  • Kuanhua Hsu


    Kuanhua Hsu joined GREE Ventures in 2012 and serves as Principal of GREE Ventures Asia. Based in Singapore, Kuanhua oversees GREE Ventures' overall Southeast Asia operations as well as advising portfolio companies. Kuanhua has led GREE Venture’s rapid expansion in Southeast Asia, leveraging his expertise in the TMT sector, investment experience, and wide network. Kuanhua started his career as a consultant with McKinsey & Company before moving on to work in supply change management at technology manufacturer Solectron Corporation. He received his MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, remaining in the U.S. to enter investment banking at Goldman Sachs, where he specialized in the TMT sector. After that and prior to joining GREE, he moved to Singapore to serve as an associate director at Temasek Holdings, driving investments in the FIG sector.

  • Albert Shyy


    Albert Shyy joined GREE Ventures in 2014. He is based in Singapore and is responsible for covering investments across Southeast Asia. He previously served as a Director at Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s largest ecommerce retailer, and helped build the company’s Marketplace business across the region. He completed his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also co-founded and ran an online menswear company, AlbertMing Inc. Prior to business school, he worked at Monitor Group as a consultant across Asia and the US. He attended the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate, graduating in 2005 with dual degrees in economics and systems engineering

  • Ryo Fuseya


    Ryo Fuseya joined GREE, Inc. in May 2011, contributing to a number of projects relating to GREE’s global game business, including alliances with major overseas telecoms carriers. He was later involved in setting up development operations for GREE’s new Native Game Business Division, and was also engaged in relationship management for GREE, Inc. to support its investment activities, from direct investment to business deals with a range of companies and funds. Ryo joined GREE Ventures in May 2014.

  • Yuri Yagi


    Yuri Yagi joined GREE, Inc. in January 2012, handling administration and management work relating to GREE’s Asia operations. At GREE Ventures, she is responsible for administrative operations of the fund. Prior to joining GREE, Yuri worked at SoftBank Mobile Corporation, where she was involved in credit and debt management operations for domestic and overseas operating companies. Earlier in her career, Yuri worked in corporate finance at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

Advisory Board

  • Kota Yamaguchi


    Partner, Kimura Takushima & Yamaguchi
    Kota has extensive experience in domestic and cross-border deals relating to M&A transactions and the formation of joint ventures. He has a strong venture-focused background, having served on the board of venture companies and having advised listed venture companies from the time of their establishment.

  • Hiroyuki Honda


    Hiroyuki previously served as a board director and corporate executive officer at Recruit Holdings, where he was responsible for a range of areas from human resources to business development. Today, he draws from his wide-ranging management experience in his role as a board member at internet companies such as AltPlus Inc. and LiveSense Inc. Hiroyuki has particularly strong expertise in the area of the personnel and organizational planning of growth companies.