Tokyo Office

  • Yusuke Amano
    CEO and Partner
  • Tatsuo Tsutsumi
  • Masayuki Minato
    Investment Manager
  • Natsumi Negishi
    Investment Manager
  • Ryo Fuseya
    Investment Manager
  • Yuya Mineshima
  • Yuri Nakayama
  • Yuri Yagi

Singapore Office

  • Nikhil Kapur
    Investment Manager


  • Kota Yamaguchi
    Kota Yamaguchi

    Partner, Kimura Takushima & Yamaguchi Kota has extensive experience in domestic and cross-border deals relating to M&A transactions and the formation of joint ventures. He has a strong venture-focused background, having served on the board of venture companies and having advised listed venture companies from the time of their establishment.

  • Hiroyuki Honda
    Hiroyuki Honda

    Hiroyuki previously served as a board director and corporate executive officer at Recruit Holdings, where he was responsible for a range of areas from human resources to business development. Today, he draws from his wide-ranging management experience in his role as a board member at internet companies such as AltPlus Inc. and LiveSense Inc. Hiroyuki has particularly strong expertise in the area of the personnel and organizational planning of growth companies.

  • Osamu Chujo
    Osamu Chujo

    Osamu is the founder of Nupuli, Inc. and serves as a board director at several companies. Prior to that, he had been appointed as a board director at M3, Inc. and a CEO at M3 Career, Inc. after he started his career at Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.. Osamu has strong expertise in not only business-development proposal in the area of the HR and medical health care, but also whole operation from launching a project to profitization.

  • Naoki Aoyagi
    Naoki Aoyagi

    Naoki is ex-Chief Financial Officer at GREE. At GREE, he led its pre-IPO and IPO activities as CFO and overseas operations at Silicon Valley. Back in Japan, he managed its overall business development from mobile game to new business initiatives, as SVP, Global Operations and Business Development. Naoki also has tremendous experience in investment and business development support for startups. He advised large startups, gumi, enish, Mynet etc. for their IPOs, and led operation of GVR Fund, GREE's investment fund focused on Virtual Reality sphere in North America.

  • Albert Shyy
    Albert Shyy

    Albert Shyy joined GREE Ventures in 2014. He is based in Singapore and leads investments across Southeast Asia and India. He previously served as a Director at Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s largest ecommerce retailer, and helped build the company’s Marketplace business across the region. He completed his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also co-founded and ran an online menswear company, AlbertMing Inc. Prior to business school, he worked at Monitor Group as a consultant across Asia and the US. He attended the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate, graduating in 2005 with dual degrees in economics and systems engineering.